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SANP Tickets

Ticket price includes a Senior Party 2025 themed t-shirt, plus food, entertainment, activities, games  (including a casino - click here for game instructions/rules), and the opportunity to win great prizes. The t-shirt is the ticket in, and must be worn to the party. T-shirts will be distributed at the Senior Reveal on May 16th. View photos from previous parties on the tab above.

Ticket Price:  $120​​

Deadline to purchase: April 18th (sizing for t-shirts cannot be guaranteed for orders placed after April 18th; we will do our best to provide your selected size on a first come/first served basis)

Note that Tickets will NOT be sold at the door

Prescription Medication Form

Prescription Medication: If your student will require prescription medication during the event, please print the form above and follow the instructions. This form is also available during the ticket purchase process.


Deadline to purchase was February 1st. Please contact Mustang Chair

for information about any extras that may be available for purchase. 

Words of Wisdom (WoW)

​Words of Wisdom are personalized messages for our recent graduates.  Creatively displayed at the Senior All Night Party, and then given to students to take home, the messages are a great way to get in those last words of advice or just a fun way to connect.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends, pets, etc. are encouraged to participate in this unique NHS tradition - just share this website with anyone you think might be interested. Click here to view examples from the 2019 SANP (keep in mind that this year's party will have a different theme).

WOW Price:  $5​​ per message

Deadline to purchase: April 25th

Please note that your confirmation email may show some extra characters in place of quotation marks, apostrophes, and ampersands (&) - for example, ' or &. Rest assured that your message will print correctly; our WOW team is double-checking each message as they come in. 

Memory Quilts

Order a custom memory quilt using your student's t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, socks, sweaters, and  almost any other piece of clothing. 

Deadline to purchase: May 1st 

Orders placed after this date cannot be

guaranteed to be ready in time for graduation.

Graduation Banners & Signs

Order a custom banner for the car parade and/or yard sign for your senior's celebration. 

Deadline to purchase: May 21st

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