SANP Tickets

Ticket price includes a Senior Party 2022 themed t-shirt, plus food, entertainment, games, activities and the opportunity to win great prizes. The t-shirt is the ticket in, and must be worn to the party. T-shirts will be distributed at the Senior Reveal at the end of May (date TBA).  

Ticket Price:  $120​​

Deadline to purchase: May 15, 2022

Note: Tickets will NOT be sold at the door


Decorate a wooden mustang with special memorabilia such as photographs, awards, and college bound accessories to commemorate your Senior’s high school experience and graduation in a unique way. Mustangs are made of pressed wood and measure approximately 4'-2" x 3'-5". During designated drop off times just prior to the Senior Party, parents can bring decorated Mustangs to be displayed at the party for students to enjoy. At the end of the evening, students take their decorated Mustang home. They also make terrific decorations for a graduation party!

Mustangs orders will be available for pick up at the end of April, allowing several weeks to decorate for display. Mustangs from former grads can be reused, however, size and/or the direction they face may be slightly different from the current year.

Mustang Price:  $45​​

Deadline to purchase: March 1, 2022

Words of Wisdom (WoW)

​Words of Wisdom are personalized messages for our recent graduates.  Creatively displayed at the Senior All Night Party, and then given to students to take home, the messages are a great way to get in those last words of advice or just a fun way to connect.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends, pets, etc. are encouraged to participate in this unique NHS tradition.

Mustang Price:  $5​​ per message

Deadline to purchase: May 2, 2022 - 12pm